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Certified and Qualified to carry out Semi Permanent Makeup? Want to update your skills? Learn the latest in the SPM world? Book onto one of our masterclasses, and expand your knowledge.


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Want to know how to achieve Ombre brows with one of the UK’s leading trainers?

One of the latest & leading treatments for semi permanent makeup is using a technique to develop a soft pixel start to the brow with a defined arch and 3D effect shading.  By using 2-3 colours in a brow and having a slightly darker start you can achieve an Ombre look.

This new technique is the ultimate in modern statement brows If you require further shadowing or refreshers post course completion then that’s fine by us.

Price: £450

Once you have the basic hair stroke under the belt, you can advance onto finer hair strokes with this course.

Price: £360

Which single needle (like micro blading) for fine hair strokes will give you the best result for your client?   We can help you to decide when, how & why you use this needle.  You may have been working as a practitioner for a while but would like a refresher on needle use?  Or perhaps you would like to refine your techniques for better results and have never used a one needle before?

This one day course delivered by one of the UK’s leading semi permanent make up practitioners, Naomi O’Hara, will help to improve your expertise, confidence & knowledge.

Price: £360

This micro pigmentation semi permanent makeup Lip Masterclass is for those who want to know more about this specialist area.  You will be given the knowledge to understand pigment use, how to use which needles to complement a clients’ features.  How to use various needles to deliver the best results, as well as an in-depth information on pigments and tips & techniques from our leading practitioner.

Being taught by leading UK practitioners, like Naomi O’Hara, you will receive thorough information on the day and once your course is complete we can remain in contact to support you with any questions or queries you may have.  Your confidence will be gained over a period of time after treating your own clients so it’s important that we’re here for you to return for refreshers or  shadowing.  We’re on the end of the phone too, if it’s just a bit of reassurance or advice you need.

Price: £360

Latino Eyeliner is a popular treatment for SPMU technicians. This course will allow you to be able to advance your eyeliner technique and offer Latino eyeliner for those wishing for a bolder eye look.

Price: £360

Once you have carried out the basic eyeliner course and you have completed your case studies you can complete the Advanced Eyeliner Workshop.

Price: £360

Softer look, for those wishing to give a fuller eyeliner that will stand the test of time.

Price: £550

Mimic fine hair follicles. Give the illusion of short, shaved hair with this up and coming new technique in Scalp Pigmentation.

Also, learn densification techniques to both male and female clients, to give a fuller look to areas of Alopecia patches and thinning hair.

Price: £2999

Price: £1600

Price: £660

MCA is a treatment which causes controlled damage to an area of concern such as scarring or stretch marks. The damage results in stimulated collagen and elastin, causing tightening of the skin and softening the scar or stretch mark. The treatment is also great for fine lines and wrinkles.

This is a great “add on” for all semi-permanent technicians already qualified.

Price: £660

So what’s the difference in the topical adrenaline available from the ACTFast pharmacy and what you’d buy online?


Well first off, you’re legal & insured!  Two major factors if you’re carrying out an aesthetic treatment on someone’s face.  You know where the product has come from, what ingredients it contains and how it’s going to perform!  You’re also insured to use it which you can’t say about any of the illegal products being purchased online and used by around 60% – yes that many – practitioners!  Are they waiting for the worst to happen!!

Your patient is comfortable.  Our model today felt “nothing at all”.


Finally, you’re going to get a better result for two reasons.  The adrenaline significantly reduces swelling so that you can work on the area more easily, AND there is little or no bleeding so your pigment isn’t being pushed out by your patients’ blood loss!   The area during application is dry.  No creams or ‘gunge’ to contend with when you’re applying the pigment.  Hence, the pigment stays in the skin and heals with a better result.

ACTFast training gives you:

  • Legal registration to an online pharmacy
  • Safe & insured use of regulated products
  • Happy, comfortable patients who receive a great outcome
  • Membership of the Association of Registered Aestheticians

Price: £420

The Correction and Removal Course will give you the confidence you need to be able to colour correct brows and remove. You will learn about the different removal options and which corrective colours should be used in each circumstance.

Price: £360

What Qualifications do I need?

You will be required to show proof of qualification in Semi Permanent Makeup

Who are the courses for?

The Workshops/Masterclasses are for those already in the industry looking to improve skills or advance in techniques

How do I book?

Booking is easy! You just need to call one of our friendly team members and pay a 10% deposit to secure your booking. Dates and times are flexible and we offer courses on both week days and weekends

What should I expect my day to consist of?

We organise everything for you, even your lunch. You just need to attend and learn. We supply models when needed so you do not need to have the worry,

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