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CV Tips


There are a lot of applicants looking for jobs in the beauty industry so it’s important you shine out amongst the sea of cvs being viewed by potential employers.  Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your cv:


You may have been planning to set up your business for some time, or perhaps you want to start small, work from home or mobile and dictate your own hours of working on a self-employed basis.


We have a team who have all experienced some aspect of this type of working.  It’s a brave move to go it alone!  It’s a big step for you and one that you want to be a huge success.


It’s important to get the basics of your business in a plan, to understand your costs as well as your prices to clients.  More importantly, you want to make a profit!


You won’t always be able to rely on friends and family to keep your business going, so it’s important to understand how marketing can benefit your business and how the little things can make such a difference.


A 1 day course will help you to better understand the essential needs for making your business a success!

Be a Success!

Get the basics you need to be a success!

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Course Qualification

Our courses are not limited to learning how to treat clients.  We can show you how to build a business plan, write a profit & loss report and manage your costs to make a profit.  Essential needs at the affordable price of a days’ course.

TCA Membership

There are times when you won’t always know the answer to a query from a client.  Legislation changes may mean you need additional knowledge, insurances or qualifications to carry out treatment.  Knowledge days, open events, shadowing are just a few of the benefits to our annual membership.

Insurance Partners

As an accredited academy, we partner with a number of suppliers in the industry and offer this to our members.  To take advantage of our discounts on insurance, enquire with our friendly team who can give you more information about membership and discounted insurance packages.

3 Ways to Pay!

Pay Now!

You’re in a position to pay for your course now & you just want to get started with your learning! We can help you decide on a course or give advice so call or email and we can find a date that’s convenient for you!

Pay Later

The government offer Advanced Learner Loans so that you can start now and pay later with affordable monthly payments.  Applications aren’t credit assessed.  Let us tell you more about this great skills funded scheme.

Budget Plan

You may not be keen on the idea of a loan and don’t have the funds right now to pay for your course.  Don’t worry, we offer a budget scheme to help you plan & pay.  We can help you so just call to find out more.

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